Direct Route is a consortium of international companies with an extensive track record in delivering construction, financing and operation of major road projects all over Europe. DirectRoute has been formed with a view to help improve road networks across Ireland and combines international expertise with a strong Irish base.

Background & History

In the National Development Plan 2000-2006 the National Roads Authority (NRA) identified a number of road infrastructure projects of major importance to be procured through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mechanism involving the private sector in the construction, financing and operation of transport infrastructure. The M8 Rathcormac/Fermoy Bypass project is one such project within the NRA PPP Project Programme.

On June 11th 2004, the National Roads Authority signed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contract with DirectRoute (Fermoy) Ltd. DirectRoute (Fermoy) Ltd is a special purpose company that has been formed for this project and is owned by Lagan, Roadbridge and Sisk (Irish construction companies), KBR and Strabag (international construction companies) and Bank of Scotland and First Irish Infrastructure Fund.

Lagan Sisk Roadbridge KBRBank of Scotland Corporate Strabag